Saturday, 2 June 2012

Preston University holds great stories!

This day I see myself as the best sales person of the month award winner and a successful worker in a multi national company, a compatible and a well groomed person plus a confident team leader too. Not only this but I have a great happy family, grown up sons and daughters, but I wouldn't have imagined this picture of life when my life was on the step of starting the University higher studies. I was a confused girl, not very confident about myself plus a shy and incompetent person, but thanks alot to my kind luck that i made the choice to enroll myself in Preston university. They not only made me robust and sound in my academics but groomed my personality and taught me to handle life in a practical way. Moreover, you'll have to believe me that I have enrolled one of my son in Preston university too! and I don't think that a place where someone can enroll themselves and later their son will be any bad, but rather it is perfect!